Tina Fey

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Katherine Zeta Jones

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Beautiful girls are poopers, not sex objects!

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Often beautiful girls are looked at as sex objects or mere trophies. This could not be farther from the truth. Beautiful girls are people that poop! Unfortunately, society tells them that they must not poop and thus they are forced into hiding. Millions upon millions of beautiful girls are forced to keep their scat a secret in order to be a sex object. They must keep a normal and everyday part of their lives a complete secret. Its not right!

We are committed to exposing and freeing women all over the world to be free to be human and poop with the rest of humanity. There can be no other way.

Why we do it…

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Over the course of the centuries, women have been desecrated and placed into categories that have often been unfair and unjust. We have idly stood by far too long as this has happened. Women have been placed in categories that no one can live up to and unfortunately, beautiful women have gotten the brunt of this over the years. We can not stand by any longer and watch this happen.

We must fight for beautiful women all over the world that are seen for less then who they are. All people, regardless of there gender, race or prominence poop. It is the great equalizer. In the toliet’s eyes, we are all the same. There can be no unfair treatment or belittling of those who are seen as beautiful or not. They all poop.

This site is dedicated to raising awareness about those who poop in secret and to freeing women all over the world to confess the truth of who they are. They must come out of hiding. There may be a long road to recovery, but we will win this fight.

We must free beautiful girls from hiding in the shadows when they poop. All must know and thus set them free to be all of who they are. They must and shall be free!

Zooey Deschanel

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Despite, Zooey’s little button nose and her outgoing personality, she is still known to poop on a daily basis…She can not hide!


Ashley Judd

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Even though many people love and acknowledge Ashley Judd as an incredible actor, Ashley poops. Just like Ashley’s parents and the rest of her family, Ashley poops!



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It seems only fitting to initiate a movement with one of the most beautiful, stylish and well respected singers of our current day. Despite Beyonce’s many singing talents, Beyonce poops. I know that for many of you, this may be impossible to understand but the facts are clear. She can not hide!



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According to a recent poll by the World Toilet Organization, over the course of a persons lifetime a person spends roughly three years of their life on the toilet. A significant amount of this time is spent pooping. Unfortunately, many do not admit to pooping. In fact, many poop in secret claiming that they do not.

This site is dedicated to exposing those who poop in secret, many of whom are beautiful girls. They can not hide any longer. Beautiful girls are poopers!

Unfortunately many have been taught that only certain people poop. This is not true and should be exposed as the lie that it is. People are sneaking around hiding the fact that they poop. The biggest culprits of this are “beautiful girls”. Although they have fooled many with their wayward plans. This sight will expose the many poopers who have hidden it for so long.
There is no where to hide, all will soon know that you poop.

Things to think about as you read this blog:

1) Each of these girls probably pooped within a few hours of these pictures being taken.
2) Each of these people has ( at least once) smelled the bathroom up with a horrible smell before.
3) Each of these people have stained the inside of the toilet before and needed to use the toilet brush to clean it.
4) Chances are that each of these people has had diarrhea before.
5) Despite the many things that these girls have to do, they each spend countless hours a week on the toilet.
5) Lastly, each of these girls knows everything about the size and shape of their own poop, yet they will never say.

Welcome to beautiful girls poop!

I hope your eyes are opened to the poopers that they are!